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7 January 2024

Mylor Magazine

The monthly community magazine for Mylor Bridge is published by Mylor Community Publications Group.

They have recently established a community website and the magazine will in future be located there.

You can access it using this link:

To submit copy, please contact
To advertise, please contact
For accounts, please contact

We will continue to maintain the existing archive. To access, click on the green choices below left: -

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4. When you click to download, don't be surprised if it takes some time to load. Depending on the size of the magazine file and the speed of your connection, it could take up to a minute or so to download completely. The first page will usually come up quite quickly, but you have to wait for the rest to load.

5. We have now used compressed versions of recent larger files, which should speed up download but may reduce the resolution of some pictures.

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