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8 January 2017

Letter from Julian Fellowes

From Time To Time

It is a real pleasure to me, to hear that From Time To Time is going to be shown in the village of Mylor Bridge.

The film is adapted from a life-long favourite book of mine, The Chimneys of Green Knowe - a title that will make more sense once you're seen it - by Lucy M. Boston. As some of you may know, the original Green Knowe series was set in Cambridgeshire, but I have moved the action to the West Country choosing, as our principal location, the ancient and intriguing Athelhampton House, as well as the church and village of Puddletown. I am a resident of Dorset, and, for me, this decision brought two major blessings to the shoot, the first was to be able to invest the film with the beauty and mystery that this area of England seems to have in such abundance, the second was to sleep in my own bed.

I love this film. I love every one of the performances given by the really wonderful cast I have somehow been allowed to assemble. And I regard it as my tribute, gladly paid, to the limitless beauty and variety of the English countryside, in which, like me, most of you are lucky enough to live. I hope you enjoy it, even half as much as I enjoyed making it.

Julian Fellowes
Summer 2010

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