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Tremayne Hall
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7 January 2024

Photo-diary of the restoration work

Sept 2005
Hall closed due to falling ceiling plaster.
Fallen plaster
Sept 2006

Clearing the contents.

A happy band of volunteers cleared all the moveable contents (including lots of stuff in the roofspaces) and carted it off for storage or burning, as necessary.

Clearing contents
Off to the bonfire

Scaffolding goes up.

The first tangible evidence that work really is IN PROGRESS!!!

Scaffolding up

Stripping plaster.

Removing the plaster revealed the original stonework of the walls and the timber in the roof. The barrel ceiling beams seem to be in good condition.

Wall plaster off
Ceiling plaster off
Oct 2006

Scrap timber accumulates.

The Green Room roof is removed.



Work proceeds!

Scrap timber
Green room roof off
Clearing rubble
Cheerful workman
Green room demolished
Stripped stage
Starting new roof
The old loo area

Two signatures found on old roof beam.

'Tom Chellew, New Row, Mylor, August 1923'

'RJ Battershill, Ponsanooth, Aug 1923'

rafter signatures

See also press article (Falmouth Packet 18 Oct 2006).


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Stripping off old roof and demolishing old Green Room.




New roof starts to take shape.

Colin at work
Stage end cleared
Nov 2006
Builder David pierces tiles for copper nails
New roof progresses
Sunlight through the rafters
New roof nearly complete
Lovely new roof
Mylor Yacht Harbour donation received on site
Dec 2006

Work has now begun on the tower block. This has been delayed to give bats in the roof time to get used to the new hall roof. The necessary 'Bat Licence' has now been obtained and work is proceeding.

As well as the roof, the stonework of the tower block is being re-pointed.

New roof on tower block
Repointing stonework on tower block
Jan 2007
Work on the tower roof and wall pointing continues.
Tower roofwork continues
Feb 2007

The old lavatory block is demolished.


A new window is installed in the tower block.

Old lavatory block demolished
One of the new windows installed

Work begins on the front and the Old School House.



New windows on the car park side of the hall

Work begins on the front



New windows on car park side of hall
Mar 2007

The new ceiling in progress



Hall ceiling in progress
The new green room
Inside green room
Exterior of stage and green room
The new archive display
area, to be known as
the reading room
Reading room
Exterior of hall on garden side
Apr 2007
Both ends of the hall interior mostly plastered
Stage end of hall
Reading room end of the hall

Green room interior insulation and windows


The archive room being discussed with a
Cornwall Records Office adviser on site

Inside green room
Inside archive room
May 2007
The builders worked hard to complete as much of the painting as possible before the Open Day on 30th
The stage takes shape
Colour scheme for hall begins to emerge
The Reading Room
Ready for the Open Day
June 2007
The entrance lobby begins to take shape: -
New entrance lobby and lavatories
Disabled access ramp is started
July 2007
The lobby roof goes on: -
Lobby roof is completed
View into new entrance lobby
Taking up the old floor, and inside the new archive centre office upstairs: -
Taking up the old floor
Inside the new archive centre office upstairs
Aug 2007
Wall restoration completed
Sept 2007
The floors of the Hall and Reading Room are completed
New hall floor is completed
The Reading Room floor nearly finished
Oct 2007
The restored community centre is finally opened by the Lord Lieutenant,
Lady Mary Holborow
Lady Mary arrives and meets the committee
Unveiling the commemorative plaque
School children sing and play
The capacity audience

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