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30 September 2018

EU General Data Protection Regulation

Our Policy

To meet the requirements of GDPR, this is a statement of our policy regarding the collection, use and safeguarding of the personal data of our customers.

We will only collect the limited amount of data to transact the business of running the Tremayne Hall. This will be limited to customer names, email addresses, telephone numbers and occasionally postal addresses, together with their organisation name, solely for the purpose of making reservations for Tremayne Hall facilities, the conduct of that usage and for the collection of the fees due.

We will not divulge this information to any third party, nor will we contact you for any other purpose.

The data is kept on specialised commercial booking software and is not accessible via the internet. The only person who has access is the Tremayne Hall Booking Secretary.

When you sign the booking confirmation form, you are also signing to say that you agree to our keeping these records according to this policy.

You are entitled to see the data we hold on you free of charge and to have it erased if that it your wish.

We understand that if we do not fulfil these conditions, we could be fined a substantial amount by the European Data Protection Regulation authority.

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