Tremayne Hall Community Centre

Lemon Hill, Mylor Bridge, Cornwall TR11 5NA
Chairman: Deborah Smith Telephone: 07496 432674  Email:
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Tremayne Hall
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11 February 2024

The Tremayne Hall Management Committee

The Tremayne Hall Management Committee is a group of volunteers who work to ensure that the hall continues to be maintained, repaired and restored to the highest standards. The intention in doing so is that it will continue to play a central part in the life of the village, as it has done for over a hundred years.

The Charity number of our organisation is 1063268 and the committee must abide by the rules of the Charity Commission. One of the requirements is that the committee should be made up of representatives from organisations in the community and these should be voted in place at each AGM.

Here is a list of the present committee: -

Members Representing:
Deborah Smith
Peter Munro-Lott Vice-Chair
Pat Willmore Treasurer (non-trustee)
Mavis Gill Secretary, Mylor Movies
Julian Warington-Smith Premises Officer
Karen Bessell WI
Tony Deacon Local History Group
Laura Johns Brownies, Hirers
Tim Sobey Table Tennis
Emma Mantle Mylor Lunches
John Symons Parish Council

General meetings of the whole committee take place monthly. Minutes are taken and distributed then members work on the actions that have been agreed, such as grant applications, correspondence, website updates, etc.

If you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to approach one of the Management Committee members or Contact Us.

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