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8 January 2017

Mylor Local History Group AGM 23 February 2010

Chairman's report

Welcome and thanks.

In this our second year of the Archive being open, we have tried to consolidate by continuing the activities of the previous year as well as adding some new things.

The Centre has been open every Thursday, with one or two exceptions and has attracted visitors, though not as many as we would like. Summer is obviously a better time for people to drop in and there have been occasions when several different people arrive at once. However, publicity is important and we need to work harder. One of the problems which will be resolved at a later date is that we are not able to offer computer access to our data as we have not yet got the software installed. Derek is working on this and we are relying on the IT experts to guide us. Meanwhile we can bring boxes down to show material that we have collected. Sometimes this is helpful and people go off with copied or photographed items. The boxes have all been sorted now, so that is a big step forward towards getting our database in line with other Archive Centres in the area. Michael J-J is finishing the lengthy Churchyard record and this will be available on the computers for easy access, when enquiries are made in connection with ancestors.

We continue to distribute the publicity leaflet and intend to widen circulation. The website sometimes produces interesting contacts and we try to follow up queries by e-mail if possible. As the Parish Magazine evolves, we are able to put articles of interest in it and this will be actively encouraged. Local newspapers give another means of communication and they were interested in the Mylor Film 2008 when it was completed, printing several articles.

The new project, taking over from the film project - the Dating of Houses in Mylor has begun and a small group is forming. We hope that interest will grow as the jigsaw of house dating gradually takes shape. Members of this group take areas of the village to research and to report back at intervals. A trip to CRO is being planned.. We now have a copy of the Tithe map on the computers and one member has been able to print out a large copy for us, which will be laminated, for which we are very grateful.

I am relying on the committee to report on other aspects of the Archive Centre's activities, but I would like to thank them and all the volunteers for all their hard work.

The time has come for me to step down from the committee as the pressure of work is getting too much for me now. I will finish by saying that I have greatly enjoyed being part of the team to set up the Archive Centre under the umbrella of the Tremayne Hall, but we now urgently need an infusion of new blood and ideas to drive the project forward. Michael and I worked hard with the group to create of the Book of Mylor , published in 2004 and it is with great satisfaction that we have seen that 'little acorn' grow into a successful Archive Centre for the 21 st century.

Thank you and good luck everyone!
Val Jeans-Jakobsson - chairman

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